Hello  everyone, hope you all are doing  well. Today I wanted to review the new eyeliner I`m trying for almost a month now.

Jesse’s girl waterproof liquid eyeliner pen (wow that`s a mouthful), it is a pen type eyeliner with a brush tip applicator. I bought this off  a website ‘Shopaholic’ because this particular brand is not  available in Pakistan.

This eyeliner claims to create lines as fine as 1mm, and super fine brush makes it possible to apply the most precise lines for your desired looks. (lets see if it`s true).

Now the first time I tired it  it had faded a little from the inner corners of my eyes by the end of the day (7 hours). I tried it again this time swiping the brush 2-3 times, that took care of that problem. It`s not the blackest black but you can certainly built it  up.

This eyeliner is waterproof if u let it dry, and after it drys it doesn`t come-off , until you use a makeup remover. To test this I applied it on my hand for a full day and did my daily chores (washing dishes, feeding my cats etc). At the end of the day it was still on my hand faded slightly.

After a month or so the brush tip is not as precise but you can still make a cat eye with it. and it doesn`t dry after a month which is the case of most liner pens.


Sorry the picture is blurry but the left line is one swipe of the liner, while the right one four swipes.


And here are the ingredients.

All in all it is a good eyeliner, it is my HG right now because it is less fussy or messy.


  1. Brush tip applicator
  2. Doesn`t dry after a month
  3. Waterproof
  4. Not fussy or messy
  5. Easy and quick application


  1. Has to be built up
  2. Not a matte black.

I bought my eyeliner from for 1250rs.

Thank you and have a nice weekend 😉


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