Hey guys! Hope you all are well and life is treating you right. Today I want to write about  something that most people don’t trust or not familiar with. Online shopping.  Every day we see new website advertised on our Facebook page, with offers that attracts us like a moth to light. But with online shopping there comes  some  rules you must learn first. As there is nothing you can do if u get something bad or damaged online shopping is where people  get ripped off most. Nevertheless, there are certain things that are not available to you anywhere else other than on a website. So, let`s see what the rules are:

  1. Before ordering something always read the reviews and stars people give a certain website. Check their Facebook page for this. ( people are brutally honest on Facebook)
  2. When shopping online, always compare prices. The product you are interested in might be cheap on another website .
  3. For checking the website first, order the lowest cost thing available on the website. It might give you an insight about how and when the parcel arrived. Some websites take 1-2 weeks to deliver, keep track of that too.
  4. Never order anything in bulk or offers like this free with that. This is where people get most cheated on. The quality is inconsistent or products might not be same like in the picture.
  5. Never order shoes (because every shoe size is different), stuff that requires color matching (foundation, concealer, etc) and electronics. It is best to go and buy them.
  6. Always choose COD (cash on delivery/doorstep) method for payment when first time purchasing something.
  7. Lastly, before ordering check how responsive or communicative a certain website is. They might be really communicative when you first order something but disappear when you get a bad or damaged product.

If you keep these rules in mind for online shopping you might prefer it more than real-life shopping. Be warned  if you have a good experience it can be addictive.

For makeup I would like to recommend some website where you can shop without any hesitation or worry:

Make sure to check these website out. Thank you all and have a nice Wednesday! 🙂




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