Hey guys. How you all doing? Today I would like to review Harry Potter and The Cursed Child. Being a Harry Potter series fan, this book was a big thing for me, even though I read it just two days before.

The book is based around Harry Potter book 4 (my least favorite book from the whole series). The book is written well, but not novel based but as a play. Those of you that don`t like to read plays, will have problem reading it.

This book overall is good, but of course it has some loopholes, there are some things that I didn`t get and some things that didn`t had to happen, like they were unnecessary. We have our beloved characters back again but there were alot of them that weren`t even mentioned.

Now I`m going to mention some points in details those of you who haven`t read the book yet please don`t read further, major spoiler alert!


  1. Where are our characters? Where is Hagrid, Mr and Mrs Weasley, George, Neville, Luna and Teddy Lupin (Remus and Tonk`s son) etc? There are so many character that I love and they aren`t even mentioned.
  2. The time passes so quick in the book. I get it, it`s a play but give us more Hogwarts. For me, the major attraction to Harry Potter series is Hogwarts, so having major part of the story in other parts is kinda weird.
  3. The loopholes between the time travel. Any book or movie related to time travel will have loopholes. Like in the third time travel we see Severus Snape alive, but it didn`t made sense. Voldemort killed Snape so the Elder Wand works properly  for him, so why was Snape alive? It just didn`t made sense.
  4. Delphi Diggory, a poorly executed character. From the start she seemed like a shady character, and twist wasn`t so shocking either (her being Voldemort`s daughter).
  5. Why did Draco Malfoy had the Time Tunner? What significance it provide in conceiving Scorpius?
  6. When was Delphi born? Bellatrix Lestrange played a major part in torturing muggles and she was Voldemort`s  henchman, so she was present in the action so when she gave birth?

These are the thing I have major issues with. Other thing I can ignore or look over. The things I love were Scorpius and Rose relationship (shipping them so much), Ron being married to Padma and having a son named Panju (literally couldn`t stop laughing at that), Albus and Scorpius friendship, Harry finally being friends with Draco, Bellatrix as Delphi`s mother  (she worshiped Voldemort so it made sense), Ron and Hermione relationship (stop shipping her with Draco please), and Minerva Mcgonagall (that woman is a bad-ass Thank god she was in the story).

I thoroughly enjoyed the book, it started exactly where the seventh book ended. Besides some points mentioned above I love the book. A good thing for us Potterheads. A closure on few topics. Sorry if I offended anyone and they love the book, I was just sharing my point of view.

Thank you for reading. Have a nice weekend y`all! 🙂



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