Hey guys! How is it going?

Now that I’m done with another semester and Eid is almost upon us, it was time to clean out my accessories drawers and buy new ones. Mostly during cleaning I give half of my old accessories away, but this time I gave all of them away. So, now that I was out of accessories I had to buy new jewellery.  I bought my jewellery from three websites, which are:



The Funky Store has a motto “life is too short to wear boring jewellery”, I agree with them. In fact, life is too short to wear anything boring. They have a mixture of Forever 21 (U.S Brand) and Lovisa (Aussie Brand) jewellery. All the accessories are genuine and reasonably priced. I  bought half of my accessories from them.

I bought rings _20170603_140039



and necklaces_20170603_140937

As you can see from the pics they have very trendy jewellery. It is perfect for girls that love cool and light jewellery. Right now they have Eid accessories in stock and it is limited, so if you’re in need of elegant jewellery check their website out. Also they have very good offers.

Link for the website are down below:


Sapphire is a clothing brand that recently launch their online website (well not recently a year or two back). They have trendy dresses as well as trendy accessories, and again reasonably priced. I didn’t bought much from them besides bracelets because their earrings were big and not for every day wear. The bracelets I bought  :

The cuff is my favorite and it was around 750-800rs. All of these are still in stock, if you’re interested check them out here:


Ok, everyone knows about Nishat Linen. They have clothes for every age and almost every type of accessories (makeup bags, sunglasses, watches etc). I buy my dresses from Nishat and sometimes one or two accessories too. Again I bought bracelets from their website (I’m into bracelets at the moment). They have really cool bracelets, a dupe for Swarovski bracelet


This is so pretty I almost bought all of them from Nishat website, but I controlled myself and bought these:

All of these were very cool, but one disappointed me. First of all the parcel arrived wrapped in a bubble wrap, the other two websites sent their parcels in boxes. Okay, I’m not gonna complain about that but still Nishat is not a small brand it is one of Pakistan’s leading clothing brand, they can send the fragile items in a box. Second the bracelet that was a dupe to Swarovski one was damaged. One end was stick to the round part of the bracelet and it was shredding crystals all over my bed. I just tried it on one time and end part got detached and _20170603_140414

I had to keep it in its packaging, because it was shredding the crystals everywhere. Seriously this broke my heart, I was excited for it to arrive and I got this..

Anyways if you wanna buy these bracelets (I warn you not to buy the dupe one and save your money) check their website here:

I still need to buy some earrings but I will buy them by visiting the stores and not online. Hope this help you to do your Eid shopping. Have a nice weekend and stay tuned for the next blog. Take care guys! 🙂

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