Hey guys, this is my second blog for today.  Hope you all doing well and everything is going good for you. Have you seen those brushes that look like a tooth brush but they apply makeup? I know you have seen those, anybody who knows about makeup have seen those. Well are they worth buying? Let’s find out:

The brush we see is a dupe for Artis Oval brushes. IMG_0142

Each of these brushes costs 4000-5000rs and are great in quality. The dupe I’m talking about is these:IMG_20170612_144739

First of all, urban decay does not make brushes like these, let alone sell them. Second they are the worst makeup brushes I have used in my life. This set costs 800rs and you will see a lot of stores and websites selling them, even has few more of these brushes from different brands.

The set I bought contains six brushes,CYMERA_20170612_161559(1)CYMERA_20170612_162013(1)CYMERA_20170612_162124(1)CYMERA_20170612_162222(1)CYMERA_20170612_162429(1)CYMERA_20170612_163043

All of them have soft bristles and are not harsh on the skin, so what’s my issue with them? They don’t apply makeup well. I applied a normal BB cream with the largest brush in the set and it left streak marks all over my face and during application it was shedding. At first, I thought it was my kitten’s hair but when I looked closely at the brush it was shedding. It started shedding on the first try, I hadn’t even wash it yet. During washing it didn’t shed as much, but again on applying makeup it shed its bristles all over my face and like before it didn’t blend my makeup.

My advise is stick to normal brushes. ELF, WetNWild, Kryolan, BH cosmetics, Morphe has really good brushes and a wide variety of them too. I will link the websites below where you can buy them.

That was the brushes, let’s talk about the sponge. The sponge is a dupe for Beauty Blender Sponge.


Anyone, who is a applies makeup knows about the Beauty blender. They are a must for anyone who wants flawless and blended makeup application uses a Beauty blender. The market is full of dupes.  I, myself, bought 10-15 dupes of these sponges but are they worth it? The dupes I bought would either be too dense or won’t be usable after two weeks/a month. A regular beauty sponge is usable up-to 3 months then for hygienic purposes you have to throw your sponge out and use a new one. The sponges I bought would last only two weeks and they didn’t apply makeup well either.

So, my advise, use these sponges if you don’t want to spend money on blenders. They are cheap and gets the job done. (costs 100-200 a  pack containing 4 sponges)Makeup-font-b-Puff-b-font-Sponge-8-Pcs-Extra-circular-font-b-Large-b-font

If you can buy a sponge then buy Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge. It comes in many sizes and are almost as good as a Beauty Blender sponge. (costs 850 for a single sponge)


If you can buy a real Beauty Blender, buy the real one. (costs 2600)


That’s all for today guys. For my other blog go here:

Hope this helps you in any way at all. Thank you for reading. Have a nice day. Bye 🙂

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