Hey guys, how y’all  doing? Today I wrote two blogs for you, the other one link is down below.

For this blog I wrote about the crazy beauty products I found in a beauty store. They are both from the same brand ‘cool and cool’. Cool and cool makes tissue papers and wipes, this is the first time I seen them making any beauty related product.

The weird things I bought were cucumber eye padsIMG_20170612_144531

and charcoal nose strips IMG_20170612_144613

Now, cucumber eye pads are something new, but charcoal is all  over the internet nowadays. I gave both of them a three times try and, by three times you know whether a product is worth it or not.

The cucumber eye pads contains four pads in each packet and packet costs 100rs (single sachet might cost 50rs, I guess). In each sachet there is this weird cloth textured cucumber drawn eye pads, there are not real cucumber but cloth based things. Anyway you put them on your eyes and they claim to De-puff and reduce dark circles. I kept these on for 20 min (I even cooled them in a refrigerator first) and when I remove them nothing had happened. It didn’t even reduce puffiness around my eyes. So, for me this didn’t work and it is a pass.

So, let’s talk about the charcoal strips. Each packet contains six sachet and full packet costs 416rs. They almost cost as much as normal nose strips, even more, but do they work? They are really delicate if you wet them too much the surface will be sticky and won’t work properly. So I applied it on my nose and left it for almost 25 min. When I removed it, it worked as my normal nose strips does, it didn’t do anything special. It didn’t even completely removed my pores.

So, for me, both of these products are a pass. They don’t work, well one of them do but it doesn’t do anything special. You can buy cheaper nose strips and they would work better than this. My advise, save your money and buy something  better, that you know works, don’t fall for these gimmicky items.

Thank you guys for reading my views. Hope you have a nice work day. Bye. 🙂

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