Hey guys, how is your summer going? Today I would like to review a merchandise bag that I  got from book bound sisters. Book Bound Sisters is a small independent website that sell customize goodies (badges, mugs, notebooks etc) on book based themes. I discover them on Instagram when I was looking for monthly subscription boxes that are available in Pakistan. Recently they decided to put together a merchandise bag that was Harry Potter themed. The  bag didn’t contain any book just some things based on the Harry Potter series. I love Harry Potter so I decided to order it.

I received my bag yesterday and it contained:

  1. A mug with Hogwarts logo
  2. A notepad
  3. Two badges
  4. Two bookmarks
  5. A coaster
  6. An Eid card
  7. An artprint
  8. Mug cosy (it is a wool sweater for your mug to keep your coffee/tea warm :p )
  9. Temporary tattoo
  10. Discount voucher for The Vintage Nerd which is another small business website.

The bag cost 2000rs which in my opinion is reasonable. Most subscription boxes cost around 2-3000rs.

Overall I’m glad I ordered this bag, I wanted some items to decorate my bookshelf. The tea cosy, mug, and the art print will all go on my bookshelf.  The discount voucher is good but I didn’t want anything from The Vintage Nerd so it will go to a friend, same goes for the Eid card.  The notepad is cute but it’s kinda small for me so it will go to my little sister. The badges are on my bag and I’m using the coaster.

My only criticism will be that the art print would have been great if it had been come with a frame. Now I have to find a frame for it to put it on my shelf.IMG_20170623_213803

This is my complain, other than that I’m happy with my items. I will link Book Bound Sisters website down below so you can check them out as well.

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/bookboundsisters/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/bookboundsisters/

That’s all for today guys, Thank you for reading my blog. Wish all of you and your family Eid Mubarak. 🙂

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